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Real Estate, Lodging and Tour links

Rainforest Properties:  If you are thinking about investing in the most peaceful country in Latin America, these are your people. They specialize in southern Costa Rica properties.  Mountain properties where the the climate is spring like year around, lush beach area properties, homes, farms, ranches, reforestation projects and jungle properties perfect for your eco-retreat.  See their website and email for your specific property interests. Visit: http://www.rainforestproperties.com

Anywhere Costa Rica: Hotels and lodges which have taken a series of steps to achieve more sustainable practices in their biological and physical environment, the hotel facilities, with their customers and within their communities.  Some measures include treating grey water, recycling rain water, protecting flora and fauna, limiting energy consumption and contributing to the public health of the local community.  For the conscientious traveler, these hotels provide a luxury eco friendly vacation with minimal environmental impact. http://www.anywherecostarica.com/hotels/sustainable.htm

Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica is a non-profit association of 64 small eco-friendly, owner-operated, value-priced hotels strategically located throughout Costa Rica.  http://www.adventurehotelsofcostarica.com

Costa Rica.Com Hotel listings: The government and its people have made great strides in keeping Costa Rica environmentally pristine, slowing development and sustaining natural habitats.  These hotels are all 'eco-friendly' and they have numerous tours that cater to the natural beauty of the land, and of raising environmental awareness. Visit:  http://2costarica.com/hotels-t-green-eco.shtml

Costa Rica Vacation Car Rental: Explore the natural beauty of Costa Rica with the car hire service of Costa Rica CarRental. Visit: http://www.costaricacarsrental.com

Volunteer Opportunities, Environment projects and Groups

Friends of the Osa:  Friends of the Osa works to maintain a largely forested landscape surrounded by an intact coastal zone that protects the Osa’s unparalleled wealth of biodiversity while supporting sustainable human livelihoods.  On the Osa Peninsula, Identification has been made of: 500 species of trees, 140 mammals, 367 varieties of birds, 40 of freshwater fish, 117 of amphibians and reptiles, (including 32 species of snakes and 48 of frogs and toads), and it is estimated that there are some 6000 species of insects.  The Osa Peninsula habitats provide refuge for endangered animals, such as the tapir and crocodile, ocelot, cougar, giant anteater, harpy eagle (the largest bird of prey in the world) and the scarlet macaw (which has the largest population in the country).  Also howler, spider, squirrel and white-faced capuchin monkeys, great tinamou, silky anteater, poison dart frog, glass frog (with transparent skin), Cayman, bushmaster snake and leatherback olive ridley and green turtles that nest along the shores.  Visit:  http://www.osaconservation.org

Volunteer Latin America:  If you are looking for a meaningful way to travel this is a tremendous resource.  They have put together a wide data base of volunteer opportunities throughout Latin America, and will compile a guide tailored specifically to your interests and skills.
Visit: http://www.volunteerlatinamerica.com

Children's Eternal Rainforest, Monteverde Conservation League:  Established in 1986 out of concern for the threatened forest in the Tilaran Mountains.  Since then, children and adults from over 40 countries have raised money which has enabled the League to purchase more than 54,000 acres of land, the biggest private reserve in Costa Rica. It is named Bosque Eterno de los Ninos in honor of all the children who have contributed to its protection. Mission: to conserve, preserve and rehabilitate tropical ecosystems and their biodiversity.  Visit: http://www.acmcr.org/rain_forest.htm

Costa Rica Conservation Trust: Socially Responsible Conservation (CRCT),  is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting biodiversity, advocating sustainable development, and promoting ecological, cultural and educational programs that advance respectful relationships with the Earth, while at the same time safeguarding local cultural heritage.  CRCT is currently raising funds to build an educational facility center and youth summer camp on the La Danta Project Site.  The site is located in the northern part of the La Danta Biological Corridor, in the Perez Zeledon region of Costa Rica. Visit: http://www.conservecostarica.org/

The Fund for Costa Rica, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which promotes biodiversity conservation in Costa Rica.  Their mission is to support programs in Costa Rica that will Carry out conservation efforts to preserve and enhance the environment, ecosystems, habitats and endangered species of Costa Rica. Visit: http://www.fundforcostarica.org


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