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Costa Rica’s Chorreador

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most friendly places.  Traveling to meet friends and neighbors inevitably involves the ritual of brewing up some of Costa Rica's remarkable coffee in the family’s simple table-top Chorreador Coffee Maker.  The traditional Chorreador is still a familiar site in kitchens throughout the country.  Many rural homes have outdoor kitchens and do not use electricity-- but they always have a Chorreador!  These rural homes are very often the places in which we have found both the best company and the best coffee!  The simple pleasures of life are abundant here.  Fresh air, pure water, good coffee and good friends …it’s all “Pura Vida!

A gentle method, The Chorreador fills the air with coffee aromas, while making no noise and with no need for electricity.  The method automatically reduces waste.  No more forgotten pots of coffee thrown out at the end of the day.  The cotton drip “bolsitas” are reusable (if properly cared for you can use them for many months or more).


Today, coffee aficionados everywhere are discovering the purity and beauty of this simple system, and placing the Chorreador out in front of the others.

“Because the coffee simply tastes better”


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